40s Big Band music

Relive tonight’s memories in the years to come! Wander around and look at the WW II aircraft and memorabilia. Enjoy a meal from our specialty food trucks and grab some refreshments of your choice. Please purchase food and drink tickets at the Food and Drink Ticket tables.

5:15 till 5:45 – Preshow Swing Dance Demonstration

The Arizona Ballroom Champions will perform dance routines from the 30s and 40s and demonstrate just how easy it is to learn how to swing dance! Join Lindy Hop Society pros at 5:15 pm sharp for a free swing dance lesson and get ready to dance the night away! For more information on the Arizona Ballroom Champions and to sign up for dance lessons, please visit AZLindy.com or follow them on Facebook.

6:00 pm till 11:00 pm – The Sonoran Swing Band

The Sonoran Swing band is composed of 22 veteran big band players, featuring their vocalist, 5 saxes, 4 trombones, 5 trumpets, piano, bass, guitar, vibraphone, and drums. More information and samples of their music can be found at www.sonoranswing.com.

Dinner and Refreshments

This year we will have specialty food trucks offering the finest food on wheels, along with beer, wine, mixed drinks, soda, water, and coffee for you to enjoy as you work up an appetite dancing to the 40’s! Details on pricing can be found by clicking here.

50/50 Split Raffle

50/50 tickets are just $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. Winner receives half of the profits from this drawing. Tickets can be purchased at the food and drink ticket tables.

Swing Dance Contests

Swing out with your sweetheart and show off your winning 1940’s dance moves. Three dance contests 18-40, 41-64 and 65 and over.


Throughout the night, our fully restored B-17G Sentimental Journeywill be parked just outside the hangar doors and a professional photographer will be on hand to take the perfect picture to remember your evening!

Costume Contest

Step out in style. The audience will select the best dressed man and woman of the 40’s.

*PLEASE NOTE* To respect our American and Allied Veterans, we ask that all attendees be mindful of wearing non-allied uniforms, and to specifically refrain from wearing any Nazi and/or SS uniforms. We reserve the right to refuse admittance without refund.

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The Band Music From Big Pink
The Band Music From Big Pink
Big Band Dobczyce - Wierzę [Official Music Video]
Big Band Dobczyce - "Wierzę..." [Official Music Video]
BIG BAND 40s Swing Piano Jazz instrumental Musicas
BIG BAND 40s Swing Piano Jazz instrumental Musicas ...
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