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Top 100 Musical artists

  • This is RS magazine's list of the 100 greatest artists of all time.
  • 1. The Beatles - Makes sense. Some of the most influential albums of all time are the works of these lads. What else can you say?
  • 2. Bob Dylan - I could argue with this one. He's a legend, but number 2?
  • 3. Elvis Presley - Very successful, the king of rock n roll of course, but he was very controlled by his manager.
  • 4. Rolling Stones - Often called 'Anti-Beatles', definitely top 5
  • 5. Chuck Berry - Probably invented Rock n Roll. Deserves to be here.
  • 6. Jimi Hendrix - First guitar god, I believe. Revolutionary player
  • 7. James Brown - Godfather of soul, is it? Great showman
  • 8. Little Richard - American Rock & Roll/R & B singer and pianist
  • 9. Aretha Franklin - I think she was the first woman to be inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame. I'll look that up later.
  • 10. Ray Charles - American R&B singer and pianist
  • 11. Bob Marley - Jamaican reggae singer
  • 12. The Beach Boys - Some of the catchiest songs I ever heard.
  • 13. Buddy Holly - Tragic death. One of the first to use a solid-body electric guitar.
  • 14. Led Zeppelin - Possibly the 'fathers of heavy metal', but some might argue that Black Sabbath is.
  • 15. Stevie Wonder - American soul singer. Plays many different instruments, and has won 22 grammy awards
  • 16. Sam Cooke - A founder of soul music.
  • 17. Muddy Waters - 'Father of Chicago Blues'
  • 18. Marvin Gaye - 'The Prince of Motown'.
  • 19. The Velvet Underground - American rock band, formed in 1965. Regarded as highly influencial in the rise to punk-rock, and alt-rock.
  • 20. Bo Diddley - Legendary R&B singer. Known as the 'Originator'
  • 21. Otis Redding - You might not know him, but you've probably heard 'Sittin' on the dock of a bay'.
  • 22. U2 - The Joshua Tree was one of my favourite albums
  • 23. Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA was overplayed. Good to see him make music again.
  • 24. Jerry Lee Lewis - 'Great Balls of Fire' was his greatest hit, and one of my favs
  • 25. Fats Domino - Rock & Roll pianist
  • 26. The Ramones - Regarded as the first punk-rock group
  • 27. Nirvana - I swear, RS magazine has a hard-on for these guys. They put Kurt Cobain at #12 on their 'Greatest Guitarists of All Time' list, and now this.
  • 28. Prince - 'Purple Rain' is one of my favourite albums. He's also an icon in style
  • 29. The Who - Should be higher. Rock artists still try to sound like them
  • 30. The Clash - English punk-rock band from the 70's
  • 31. Johnny Cash - The 'Man in Black'. Should be higher, since he's the equivalent of Elvis, except country. The only country singer I like
  • 32. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - American R&B group
  • 33. The Everly Brothers - Country/Rock Duo
  • 34. Neil Young - Candadian singer-songwriter. Influencial in grunge, though typically labeled folk/rock
  • 35. Michael Jackson - Would be higher if he wasn't wacko. Thriller remains...
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