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Garage Band sheet music

Image titled Compose Music Using GarageBand Step 1Launch Garageband and select "File > New" in the upper left-hand corner. Create the title for your new song and adjust the tempo and key that you want to make the song in.

Once the screen loads for your new song, click the "+" symbol in the lower left hand corner of the screen. This will create a new track.

  • Note: you can also do this by selecting "Track > New Track" in the top menu.
  • Decide if you want to use "Software Instrument", "Real Instrument", or "Electric Guitar".

Method 2

Adding "Software Instrument" Tracks

  1. Choose the "Software Instrument" option. The default instrument is "Grand Piano", but you have a vast array of instruments to choose from. When you add a new track, a full menu of these will be available on the right side of the screen.
    • To bring up or hide this menu, click the "i" icon in the lower right corner.
  2. Bring up the GarageBand keyboard. You can play music using whatever instrument you choose by using the on-screen keyboard available in GarageBand. To make the keyboard visible, select "Window > Keyboard" or hold "Command+K". Simply click on the keyboard's keys with your mouse to play music.
    • You can also use the "Musical Typing" option, which allows you to play music with your computer's keyboard rather than with the mouse. For this option, select "Window > Musical Typing" or hold "Shift+Command+K". You can also switch to this mode from "Keyboard" mode by clicking the "A" icon in the top left of the keyboard.
    • In both of these modes, the part of the miniature keyboard highlighted in blue is the octave that you are currently in.Image titled Compose Music Using GarageBand Step 2 You can adjust the octave by clicking on a different part of the miniature keyboard.
  3. Record a track. To record, press the round red button near the bottom of the screen. Then, using the "Keyboard" or "Musical Typing" window, begin to play. When you start recording, a bar for that track will appear next to the icon with the name and picture of the instrument. As long as you are recording, this bar will be red, and will keep growing out to the right. When you are finished recording that track, press the red record button again. The bar for that track will now change from red to green.

Method 3

Adding "Real Instrument" Tracks

  1. Image titled Compose Music Using GarageBand Step 4Select the "Real Instrument" option when adding a new track. You can record your voice or other sounds using the microphone on your computer. After selecting this option, an icon of a speaker and the words "No Effects" will appear under "Tracks" on the left side of the GarageBand window.
  2. Record a track. To start recording, click the round red button at the bottom of the screen, the same as for recording with a "Software Instrument." When you click "Record", the bar for that "Real Instrument" track will turn red and expand out to the right until you press "Record" again. When you stop recording, the bar for that track will turn purple.
    • When recording with your computer's microphone, make sure that you sing or play clearly and close to the computer. Try to eliminate outside noise as much as possible.

Method 4

Adding Loops

  1. Open the "Loop Browser." Loops are prerecorded clips of music that come automatically with GarageBand. To access them, click on the icon of an eye in the bottom right corner. This will open a window with many different types of loops that you can use.
  2. Browse for the loop you want. The "Loop Browser" allows you to filter loops based on a variety of characteristics, such as scale, instrument, mood, genre, and tone. You can filter for multiple characteristics simultaneously; for example you can search only for those loops that are "Jazz", "Piano", and "Grooving". Once you have turned on the desired filters, you will see a list of the available loops. You can listen to one of these loops by double-clicking on its name. You will also see information about the loop's tempo, key, and duration, and have the option to add it to your favorites list.
  3. Drag your loop over to the track list. To add your loop as a track in your song, drag it from the list of available loops over to the middle part of the screen. Let go, and the loop will be added as a new track, represented by an image of the instrument used in the loop.
    • You can repeat the loop simply by dragging multiple copies of it over from the list and then arranging the loops end-to-end.

Image titled Compose Music Using GarageBand Step 5 Image titled Compose Music Using GarageBand Step 5Bullet1 Image titled Compose Music Using GarageBand Step 7 Image titled Compose Music Using GarageBand Step 8

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Music made in Garageband
Music made in Garageband
Garageband 11- how to write sheet music
Garageband 11- how to write sheet music
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